MS-5030X CNC Intersection Cutting Machine

Short Description:

The CNC Intersection cutting machine can cut a plurality of cylinder with different direction, different diameter of intersecting line hole, meet the vertical axis and axis condition branch director and no eccentric. The machine can also cut cylinder intersection line at the end of branch pipe, meet the pipe axis and the eccentric and no eccentric director axis intersecting condition.

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The machine is designed with advanced and reliable structure. The CNC system has a Chinese interface and can change data within the system to achieve the products that need to be cut; the operation is very simple and easy to understand; and it is suitable for long-term continuous processing operation with stable and reliable control.

The software designed a reasonable cutting lead wire to ensure the working quality of the cutting surface. The whole motor adopts imported servo motor, the freight is more stable; the service life is longer and the stability is more reliable.


Technical parameter

Model MS-5030X MS-5060X MS-5090X
Motor type

Delta ASDA400W-1000W

Chuck size

500-type three-jaw chuck (customizable)

Input voltage

Single phase AC-220V

input power

3KW(not include plasma source power

Effective cutting length of steel pipe 3000mm 6000mm 9000mm
Pipe diameter

Standard Φ60mm-600mm (can be customized large diameter)

Maximum carrying weight ≤ 800KG ≤ 1200KG ≤ 1500KG
Support rail size

24KG / M fine grinding guide

 Cutting type

Plasma / flame cutting

 Tube oval


 Number of pipe supports 1Set 2Set 3Set
Number of NC linkage axes 2 axis 2 axis 2 axis
Torch lift


Operating accuracy

± 0.2mm/m

Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting thickness

Depending on the size of the plasma power supply

Gas supply requirements

Acetylene / propane gas pressure ≤ 0.1MP

Oxygen supply requirements

Oxygen maximum pressure ≤1MP

Cutting table

Tube cutting Taiwan for the one-piece structure, we provide cutting table drawings customers self-processing


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