Ms-3A Gantry CNC Cutting Plasma Machine

Short Description:

Gantry Flame and Plasma CNC cutting machine is mainly used in all kinds of metal plates (such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy), but also in the complex pattern of the above materials Processing.

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Technical Specification

Product Name

Gantry Flame and Plasma CNC cutting machine



Control System

Fang Ling F2300A


Double  motor drive



Cutting Mode

Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting

Flame Cutting Gas

Oxygen with propane or acetylene

Plasma Torch Gas

Compressed air/N2/O2

Working Area


Cutting thickness


Cutting speed


Operation precision


Main Features:

1.CNC gantry flame cutting is mainly suitable for cutting carbon steel within 5-200mm, and steel plates above 200mm require specific air valves; air pipes; and flame cutting torches

2.Flame cutting can realize automatic ignition device; it can greatly reduce the danger caused by industrial ignition and improve work efficiency;

3.Straight single cutting torch can perform high-precision cutting of 6-200mm carbon steel plates;

4.The straight flame cutting lifting device can manually adjust the cutting nozzle and steel plate scheduling manually;

5.Flame cutting gas source uses oxygen + gas (acetylene, industrial propane liquefied gas)

6.(Depending on the thickness of the steel plate; the size of the cutting nozzle used is different, see the flame and plasma reference table below for details)

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