MS-5B-3280 Gantry type CNC flame straight cutting machine

Short Description:

This series of straight flame cutting machine is a high efficiency and high performance equipment, which uses gantry type, single drive or double drive and combines cnc control, precision mechanism and oxygen cutting. This cnc flame cutting machine uses advanced cnc system from abroad, such as Spanish FAGOR and American Hypertherm. Its excellent cutting parameters, reliable and stable features ensure the perfect cutting effect.

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The whole machine adopts the welded steel plate welded structure. The beam is cut by laser cutting and then welded together. The upper and lower sides of the beam are bent by 90 degrees with the steel plate, which can reduce the deformation and increase the rigidity.

This equipment adopts manual adjustment (also can be equipped with overall lifting adjustment) to cut the gun. This equipment comes standard with wireless remote control device, which can operate the straight cutting torch more conveniently and improve work efficiency.

Technical parameter



Machine structure

Laser cutting, steel plate weWing structure with heat treatment

Rail spacing


Rail length


Effective cutting range

2300 x 6000mm

Input voltage

Single phase AV-220V

input power


Running speed


Operating accuracy


Number of straight cut guns

Customized according to customer requirements

Torch lift

≤ 160mm

Flame cutting thickness

Piercing thickness: 5-60mm Edge cutting thickness: 5-200mm

Plasma cutting thickness

According to the size of the plasma power supply

Flame automatic ignition device

With flame automatic ignition device function

Gas supply requirements

Acetylene / propane gas pressure ≤ 0.5MP

Oxygen supply requirements

Oxygen maximum pressure ≤ 1.5MP

Cutting table infrastructure

We will provide the gantry cutting table drawing for the user reference (basic equipment and H-beam by the customer to buy)


gantry cnc cutting machine_04gantry cnc cutting machine_05


gantry cnc cutting machine_06火焰直条详情

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