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From pallet change to sorting finished parts, Part Sorting Automation improves material flow through the fabrication production line resulting in increased productivity. This automation solution has a modular design that allows for expanding with the growth of your operations.

Best-selling plate roller that combines top-quality components, Hi-Tech hydraulic of the FaccinAp and EPS system. The HAV Series from Faccin is a technologically advanced plate roll by its performance and versatility. It’s the right solution to bend plates up to 300 mm thick.

Minimum Thinning, Smooth Finishing and Perfect Shape. The vast majority of large dished and flanged ends produced in the world today are manufactured with BOLDRINI equipment. More than 100 years of experience providing excellence.

See how to apply lubricant to strip coil without waste. The lubricant is applied exactly where needed and nowhere else. Using Precision Spray Control, the system makes automatic adjustments based on line speed to eliminate over- and under-application problems.

Prima Power Laser Genius is the fiber laser cutting machine which simplifies the customers’ work and improves their profits. It is the ideal tool to reach maximum productivity in the cutting of medium-thin sheet metal.

The FG-220 DDL is a 6-axis laser that utilizes direct diode technology and a rugged four chuck construction to offer high precision 3D laser-cutting and game changing flexibility to a wide range of tube and structural applications.

Wide range of options available to suit your specific bending applications. It is an extremely well-designed section roll that operates non-stop thanks to its heavily dimensioned frame, shaft diameters, bearing sizes, high drive torque and rotation speed.

The Starrett line of band saw blades provides the best solution for cutting a variety of materials including hard, abrasive materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and more.

The next generation XPR plasma cutting systems represent the most significant advance in mechanized plasma technology. Offering unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the XPR increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs.

Meet DURMA fully automated Tube Laser HD-TC for all your profile and pipe cutting needs. Highly potent, durable and versatile. Fiber Laser Source up to 3KW. Max Diameter round 6.7″, square 4.7″, rectangular 3.9”x2”. Standard Feed Length 21, 26 feet.

Perfect Solutions for Structural Steel Works by 10 Axis CNC. ADM series are capable of drilling holes standard 10-40mm (0,40” – 1,57”) or larger diameter in H, I vand U profiles. Machining with no movement within 500mm (20”) Sub-axe. Drilling, Milling, Tapping, Slot milling, Countersinking, Marking, Cut to Length and much more…

Designed 100% to meet the demands from high-speed Fiber laser cutting and cutting capabilities into the thick plate range, ByStar Fiber 3015 with 12kW Fiber Laser delivers unprecedented cutting speeds, high machine dynamics. and process reliability for the highest parts output and premium cutting quality.

“The SGe has endless possibilities. With its ability to create louvers and perforated standoffs, it becomes a 3-Dimensional machine. We load sheets on one side of the SGe and unload finished parts on the other side…it doesn’t get much easier than that.”

Akyapak manufactures 4-Roll hydraulic plate bending machines with capacity in thickness from 2 mm (14 ga.) to 200mm ( 8”) and in width from 500mm (20”) to 12000 mm ( 40ft). Roll shafts and bearings are of high quality and robust in terms of bending moment.

COE Press Equipment customer UTIL processes a variety of steel grades including 8-mm thick high-tensile CRS. COE’s Fineblanking Edition HD straightener addresses coil set and crossbow issues, helping the company achieve tolerances of (.003″ TIR/sq. ft.) required to fineblank near-net-shape blanked braking components.

The Bystronic ByTube 130 offers an easy entry into tube processing. Available with 2kW or 3kW Fiber laser power, ByTube 130 delivers fast, flexible and affordable laser tube processing for a wide range of material types and thicknesses in a fully automated workflow.

See how to apply lubricant uniformly and consistently without waste. The system uses Precision Spray Control to ensure the proper volume is applied to eliminate waste, scrap and downtime associated with over- and under-application.

The TruBend Cell 7000 offers users a compact system for the highly dynamic, efficient bending of small parts. Backgauges and a dynamic drive concept make the TruBend Cell 7000 the world’s fastest small-part bending cell.

Bystronic Mobile Bending Cell supports today’s fluctuating lot sizes and varying part complexities in a fully automated or manual bending system. Control is seamlessly integrated into the press brake user interface. The robot system can be set up in just a few minutes.

The TruLaser Series 5000 powerhouse models set the standard when it comes to productivity and cost-effectiveness. With best-in-class beam size control and features such as Active Speed Control, consistent high quality cutting at the highest production level is achieved.

Starrett offers a range of Hole Saws including new Fast Cut and Deep Cut Hole Saws. With new tooth materials, new tooth designs and increased hole saw depth, these saws are ideal for many applications.

Mazak’s OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER III is a 2D flying optics laser-cutting system that utilizes an innovative control and drive package to deliver high performance for fabrication job shops and production environments. Configurations available from 2.0kW up to the high-power 10.0kW.

The compact space-savers of the TruLaser Series 1000 impress with their low investment and operating costs, as well as their operation, which is revolutionary in its simplicity. In addition, it may be configured with the entire lineup of TRUMPF automation.

Xpert Pro press brake with powerful Bystronic ByVision Bending control, automatic dynamic crowning and 6-axis back gauge system offers unmatched efficiency and productivity and the highest repetition accuracy on the market. Modular machine design supports individual customization.

With the TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber, the solid-state laser has a broad processing spectrum with fast and flexible processing. Due to RapidCut, the high feed rates of the laser excel even on smaller contours – providing a significant productivity advantage.

Robotic workcell produces two separate batches of complex parts, bent with mandrel and formed on both ends from a single stainless-steel tube coil. Bending and end-forming operations on the first and second ends of the tube are done in parallel.

You deserve the best portable plasma cutter. That’s why we created Cutmaster 40. With an unprecedented combination of portability and power, Cutmaster 40 crushes expectations for a machine in its class.

Removing skeletons from tables can be heavy and unwieldy to handle. A Hypertherm Powermax® system and Duramax® Hyamp™ Long torch is the perfect combination to make clean up after mechanized cutting safer and faster, resulting in a more profitable operation.

“The Platino has performed as it was sold. It’s a fast machine that performs incredibly well. The performance and the quality of the parts have saved us so much time in downstream operations, such as bending, post-cutting clean up, etc.”

Millomat Stampings, Mississauga, has been able to increase their production and cut costs at the same time with their new SafanDarley E-Brake. They are experiencing faster cycle times, faster tooling changeovers and minimal maintenance costs. Find out how they did it!

Meet DURMA new generation HD-F BH for all your flat, profile and tube cutting needs Highly potent, durable and versatile, Fiber Laser Combination Machine has a Tube Cutting device integrated beside the flat bed.

With the LT7, cut round, square and rectangular tubes, special sections and open profiles weighing up to 23 kg/m and with a diameter from 12 mm to 152.4 mm, all within the standard capabilities of the machine.

Compact and configurable sheet metal laser cutter, designed to evolve with your needs. Add transversal or inline pallet changer, automatic sheet metal loading and unloading and storage towers to automate the production changeover between different materials and thicknesses.

Hypertherm’s new HyPrecision Predictive waterjet pumps incorporate patented Seal Maintenance Technology™ and service-friendly capabilities that substantially reduce maintenance costs and disruption caused by unplanned service.

In hydraulic profile bending machines, Akyapak Machinery, APK1000 model bends HEB-1000 profile edgewise. Besides a maximum bending capacity of 50.000mm ( 1970”) diameter in HEB 1000 profile, the APK 1000 model is also capable of bending pipes of up to a diameter of 610 (24”).

The new series of Starrett “3X Power” Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades feature teeth that cut more efficiently, enabling users to make up to three times the number of cuts than conventional blades, and are engineered for use on corded and cordless saws. Starrett 3X Power blades are also highly resistant to breakage and feature a reinforced shank.

Not long ago, we decided to take a look at why we do what we do. After a lot of big conversations, we landed on two simple words: OWN IT.

Highly-technological bending machine able to work 24/7. Designed to maximize productivity, thus the profitability of the wind tower manufacturer by a fast and precise rolling of the cans, reducing the time in later stages of assembly and welding.

COE Press Equipment customer Nahanni Steel Products tells how COE’s SpaceMaster® Series 4 compact coil line, processing AHSS at speeds up to 70 SPM within 23-ft of floor space, opened up new business opportunities.

“Comparing the older laser to the Laser Next is like going from the industrial age to the internet age,. It has improved our productivity tenfold. With the Laser Next dual cutting tables, we pull a part while another part is running. That is a huge improvement for us.”

See how to reduce waste, scrap and maintenance time in stamping operations. Using Precision Spray Control, the system applies the proper volume of lubricant on the strip just prior to stamping and automatically adjusts to line speed.

Akyapak sets the bar high in productivity for steel fabrication market. APLG-GANTRY model is capable of drilling, cutting and basic milling on plates by moving the bridge over a stationary workpiece. The new GANTRY model has a powerful 22 kW drilling power and oxy-fuel/plasma cutting unit on.

The TruLaser 3030 fiber impresses with high flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The TruDisk solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals and BrightLine fiber guarantees the highest edge quality and facilitates part removal.

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Now through August 1, we’re providing full access to the digital edition of Canadian Fabricating & Welding. Easily access valuable industry resources now.

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