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CLEVELAND (WJW) — More people are choosing to wear face masks when venturing out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think the hard thing is that people maybe may not realize the amount of people needing face masks in the world, versus the amount of people able to produce face masks in the world, also the shortage of supply.”

The Project Runway alum typically creates clothing and accessories, but her business model recently went in a different direction.

“Just like this is a new thing for us to make masks, there’s no handbook on that for a business that hasn’t done that previously.”

But Mayen was up for the challenge, with her company producing more than 25,000 masks in just the past 8 weeks.

“Most people know how to operate one. The mask that we make, when we package them, we pack them in little plastic bags, like the size of a bag of chips.”

“We’d love to have it in a grocery store or in a high traffic area where we know we can secure the machine without it being tampered with or vandalized. A machine that we can get to easily to refill, if and when needed.”

“Whether or not the governor is mandating that all people wear masks in public, I think that if you provide options for people,  and make it more accessible for them, they’re more likely to abide and it’ll be safer for everyone in the long run.”

(CNN) — Blood thinning drugs could help save some patients who are the most severely affected by the new coronavirus, doctors reported Wednesday.

BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) — You either make excuses or you make progress. For Beachwood High School junior, Grady Bystrom, he’s choosing the latter when it comes to swimming.

“I think people should use this as motivation to think outside of the box if they think they can’t practice their sport, I think you can find a way,” Bystrom said.

Post time: May-07-2020